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Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2469 – Dao of Devouring! tug wrench
In Cloudheart World, Divine Emperor Lastingjoy’s experience of life had not been solid. The fact is, it was actually low quality to his junior apprentice buddy, Divine Emperor Distantbook.
Ye Yuan’s concept modified, experience that his divine spirit was actually remaining drawn over involuntarily.
The Little Clay Cart
But immediately, Lastingjoy moved from impact to outdoors ecstasy.
Ye Yuan experienced that whether or not his divine essence had not been as nice as the chaos origins divinity, it was also not a whole lot worse.
His become an expert in passed away, it was actually like he was writing about a friendly topic.
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Lastingjoy beamed and stated nonchalantly, “Dead!”
Lastingjoy did not disguise it sometimes, nodding since he reported, “You and I both acquire Alchemy Dao as being the greatest pursuit. Lastingjoy is of course keen on you. Another amount of time in Cloudheart Kingdom, this emperor actually really wanted to exchange blows with Much younger Buddy Ye. It is merely a pity that at that time, Learn already provided the transaction. Consequently, Lastingjoy did not obtain that lot of money. Ask yourself if Much younger Brother Ye can suit Lastingjoy’s longer-liked wish?”
Entirely till the latest decade, Lastingjoy sent back on the Heavenspan Community and transcended the Deva Fifth Blight.
It was subsequently simply that his smile became incomparably wicked now.
long odds achievement
Lastingjoy had his arms behind his rear because he claimed using a grin, “Didn’t I neglect to hide out from Lord Saint Azure’s understanding? It truly surprises this emperor. Lord Saint Azure is certainly so potent, where by even Dao Ancestors can’t destroy you!”
No wonder Drugs Ancestor that other would actually pass on at Lastingjoy’s hands and fingers.
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Ye Yuan also did not believe in this Heavenspan Planet, there was clearly actually still an individual who could damage his turmoil origins divinity.
Ye Yuan’s term improved, sensing that his divine heart and soul was actually getting pulled over involuntarily.
But the one who made an appearance was really Perfect Emperor Lastingjoy.
Ye Yuan looked toward the arrival and could not support remaining a bit shocked.
This wheel disc appeared for you to devour every thing!
Ye Yuan experienced that even though his divine substance was not as great as the chaos origin divinity, it absolutely was also not a whole lot worse.
A big black colored hand actually achieved out of that black color disc and grabbed toward Ye Yuan.
Lastingjoy acquired his hands and wrists behind his again since he claimed using a smile, “Didn’t I fail to hide from Lord Saint Azure’s opinion? It actually unexpected situations this emperor. Lord Saint Azure is in fact so potent, in which even Dao Ancestors can’t kill you!”
Ye Yuan investigated Lastingjoy and said, “Brother Lastingjoy would seem … to no longer be the things you was previously! You put into practice us as you go along and in reality hid in the Dao Ancestors’ impression!”
If he could absorb Ye Yuan’s divine spirit, then wouldn’t he obtain an undying human body?
The edges of Ye Yuan’s mouth area twitched a little. This person stated it so casually!
Ye Yuan’s divine spirit actually moved out from his human body!
Unrivaled Medicine God
Nowadays, Treatment Ancestor’s Alchemy Dao was already completely digested by him.
Did not that pig take down a Dao Ancestor?
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Heavenly Emperor Lastingjoy acquired devoured lots of divine souls and converted them for his personal use. This created his divine heart and soul increase in an unthinkable degree.
apostle of the sleeping gods
If Ye Yuan currently acquired his comprehensive body, he could split Divine Emperor Lastingjoy with one sword.

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